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Xendpay was founded by ethical innovators who want to better the world through corporate success. The aim has always been to reduce the cost of international money transfer whilst still maintaining the best possible customer service. Today we are proud to have created a real alternative for you to get behind - one with a mission to change the international money transfer industry for the better. Xendpay is now potentially the first genuinely no fees international money transfer service to bank accounts, offering you the best exchange rates usually only available to multinational corporations, without compromising on transfer times or reliability. This represents a significant challenge to the traditionally high charge practice within the global remittance industry and is a unique offer to individuals seeking to send money overseas.

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  • Buddy
    Feb 04, 2016
    They dont support sending from US
  • Shammy
    Feb 09, 2016
    Could not send money from US
  • Shiji
    Feb 13, 2016
    I could not send money from US