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Bridge21 is a cross-border payments company that enables businesses and individuals to send money internationally. uses digital to cash move money across borders and eliminates the volatility and custodial risks associated with digital cash by trading instantly in the sending and receiving countries for individual transactions. This results in a unique exchange rate that is often better than mid-market rates.'s Bridge Rate is frequently 2% to 5% better than the lowest cost money transfer service. The Bridge Rate can even hit 10% better than other money transfer services. Currently live from the US to Mexico, the Bridge Rate offers the benefits of digital cash without any of the complexities. The service transfers funds from US bank accounts into Mexican bank accounts within minutes during Mexican banking hours. Rates are provided in real-time and there are no hidden fees. was founded in 2014 by a team of financial services veterans, serial entrepreneurs, and recognized Bitcoin experts with the goal of enabling money without borders. looks forward to expanding to new corridors this year. Interested? Send money from your US bank account to any bank account in Mexico through today!

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